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The natural surroundings of Valle de Abdalajis and El Chorro contrast the jagged rockfaces of the mountains with the smooth forms created by the water which flowed in the Arroyo de las Piedras.

The Sierra de Abdalajis, of Jurassic origin, has interesting limestone formations such as lapiaces, torcas, chasms, caves, and pits.  Among its peaks, La Huma stands out a 1,191 m, La Capilla peak at 1,186 m and El Charcon peak at 1,015 m.

There are numerous trails and paths that criss-cross through the terrain and that allow hikers to observe a large part of the Guadalhorce valley, and with a little luck, able to admire the beauty of the surrounding wild fauna such as eagles, vultures and mountains goats.


El Chorro and Sierra de Abdalajis are two of the major climbing points worldwide.

Climbers from all over the world come to these mountains, motivated by the mountains technical difficulties and the areas stable climate.

This climate allows the activity to be carried out practically at all times of the year.


Outdoor sports and activities bring you closer to nature, they are becoming more and more popular every day.

If what you like are water sports such as canoeing or kayaking, the reservoirs next to the Caminito del Rey, are an ideal area for these types of watersports.


El Chorro reservoirs are recognized by people wanting to fish thanks to the size of the fish they catch: carp over 1 kg.

The best areas to fish are Morenito and Cerrito Blanco, located in front the of the dam to the right side.

The most important species of carp are royal and common. As well as barbel, perch and bream are found, also bass and pike. Sweetcorn, bread and cooked potatoes are used as bait, instead of worms or nightcrawlers.

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